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North Ridge Country Club

North Ridge Country Club Wedding Film: Chris and Sammi

Chris and Sammi are the perfect couple. Full of energy (or maybe it’s “passion”), full of life, and some of the most genuinely loving people you might ever meet. So it’s no surprise that Ashley and I had a phenomenal time filming their 3 (count ’em…3) ceremony wedding. We started out on Friday evening with a rehearsal dinner/Chinese ceremony, followed the next day by a beautiful wedding day at North Ridge Country Club. While you might have seen a Chinese ceremony in a previous posting, this was our first Korean ceremony wedding complete with traditional costumes and a lot of parental shenanigans :). A phenomenal couple and two very sweet families.

About Warren McCormack Photography

Epic and dramatic are the words we use to describe Warren McCormack’s stunning photography. Warren is a story teller who is always looking to push the creative envelope. We love working with Warren as he’s very in tune with the needs of videographers and how to work well with us as a team.

Warren has been honing his skills as a professional photographer since childhood. He has won multiple awards from several of the national photography associations.