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North Ridge Country Club Wedding Film: Chris and Sammi

Chris and Sammi are the perfect couple. Full of energy (or maybe it’s “passion”), full of life, and some of the most genuinely loving people you might ever meet. So it’s no surprise that Ashley and I had a phenomenal time filming their 3 (count ’em…3) ceremony wedding. We started out on Friday evening with a rehearsal dinner/Chinese ceremony, followed the next day by a beautiful wedding day at North Ridge Country Club. While you might have seen a Chinese ceremony in a previous posting, this was our first Korean ceremony wedding complete with traditional costumes and a lot of parental shenanigans :). A phenomenal couple and two very sweet families.

About North Ridge Country Club


Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, the North Ridge Country Club rests on nearly 400 acres of land and is surrounded by a wooded backdrop that sets it apart from the rest of the world. With two 18-hole golf courses, tennis courts, fitness center, and swimming pools, it’s the ideal place for families to get together and spend time as a family. As a private venue, the households who have a membership to this club know that they’re not only getting the best services there are but rest easy knowing that they’ll be spending their time away from the large crowds they’d find in a public venue. But this club isn’t just about golf or other fitness activities. Nothing says elegance like a North Ridge Country Club wedding.

An all-inclusive venue, the North Ridge Country Club works to provide their members and member-sponsored guests the perfect wedding. With the help of their wedding coordinator, Cam Lee Heinsohn, couples rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of for their big day. With the choice of four wedding packages, each featuring a different menu that includes a four-and-a-half-hour bar, butler passed hors oeuvre’s, and a decorated and furnished reception room that is not only beautiful, but puts a stop to the endless hours spent agonizing over colors and menus. If one of their wedding packages aren’t to their guests liking, they also offer the choice to mix and match from the various menus for couples to find exactly what they’re looking for.