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Raffaldini Vineyards Wedding Film: Sarah and Garret

Raffaldini Vineyards


A little piece of Italy brought to the Swan Lake area of North Carolina, Raffaldini Vineyards rests between the Yadkin River and the Blue Ridge Mountains. With the lush green grass and vines of Raffaldini, the beautiful backdrop of the mountains, and the Tuscan-style villa overlooking the view, this Raffaldini Vineyard wedding had a romantic, magical quality to it.

Bride’s Initial Response:

Omg. I couldn’t have asked for a better film to represent our amazing day with friends and family. Thank you to Oak City Films for such a wonderful keepsake!!!!! — Sarah + Garret

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Wedding at Raffaldini Vineyards

While the bride and groom prepare for their big moment, the wedding party thrums with excitement. Love and laughter fill the air as they spend time with their loved ones and begin to embrace the upcoming change. The knowledge that, within minutes, their lives would be tied together and they would face a future of possibilities and create a lifetime of memories keeping a smile on their faces as they anticipate the ceremony that binds them together.

In the wake of hurricane Joaquin, a mist crept over the area to blanket the wedding to give it a nearly ethereal aspect where love and romance could be found around every corner. As Sarah and Garret stood together to say their vows, the happiness and excitement of their family and friends gave the ceremony a vibrancy that many dream of for their own wedding day. The wedding party watched on as they promised to love and honor each other, promising to spend the rest of their lives together and sealing it with a kiss.

With Sarah and Garret walking hand in hand through the vineyard as the day darkens into night, the dimming light around them casting a glow around the mountains in the distance. The connection between them impossible to miss as they spend time away from the rush and excitement of the wedding party to exhilarate in their new commitment to each other and the life that they’ll share together. Time together to share their wishes for the future and know that they have someone to lean on and depend on through the changes and difficulties that life brings.

As the toasts draw to a close the music heats up in an energetic celebration of the day in honor of the happy couple, spending the last hours of their wedding day with the people who love them. It was extremely cramped but the tight quarters really added to the energy of the dance party.

The night ends in a brilliant wash of colors as Sarah and Garret are engulfed in a sea of rainbow-colored glow sticks held by their family and friends.

We’d like to thank Jayme Rhodes, who kept the bride and groom’s wedding day one of perfection, overseeing the little details that help to bring it all together seamlessly as well as coordinating the staff at Green Planet Catering. To Lauren Waterhouse at Waterhouse Studios for the amazing pictures that portrayed the day so well. We’d also like to thank Raffaldini Vineyards for providing such a beautiful setting for us to capture on film and High Impact Entertainment for their talented DJ and the music that kept the party going.

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