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Rose Hill Plantation Wedding Film: Sallie and Charlie

Rose Hill Plantation

Established in 1762 in Nashville, North Carolina the Rose Hill plantation is more than your average Angus cattle farm. The ancestral home to the Boddie family, it was registered as a historical site in 1982. Even with its vast green lawns and a covered deck overlooking the beautiful Lake, it’s the renovated manor house that really draws the eye and where our story with Sallie and Charlie would begin.

The manor house, featuring pine wood floors and European windowpanes, has been kept to its heritage in pride of the Boddie family and the start they made in America so many centuries ago. Still owned by the Boddie family, it’s a favorite place for private events to be held. Nothing says romance and elegance like a Rose Hill Plantation wedding.

We had the most wonderful experience with Oak City Films! Nathan and Ashley were a delight to work with. They are so passionate about the work they do, and they captured our wedding flawlessly! — Sallie + Charlie

Preparations at Rose Hill Plantation


In the time leading up to the ceremony, a calm happiness radiates through the family and friends who have gathered for Sally and Charlie’s wedding. This calmness comes from more than being sure of their future together. It comes from their faith. Their faith in each other in their faith in the Lord.

As they stand together with clasped hands before the wedding, it is not promises to each other that they’re making. It is a prayer to the Lord in thanks for who they are and who they are becoming. Thanking him for leading them to each other and asking for his help and his presence in their life together.

The Ceremony

The ceremony between Sally and Charlie centers on their faith. It begins with praise and worship music offered by a band Sallie played with for years and a prayer. A prayer is said for their future together and for the understanding and forgiveness that they will need in the years to come. The ceremony focuses on being together, on two becoming one, in a way that only a loving and faithful marriage can accomplish. Their traditional vows remind us of times past when marriage meant love and devotion for the rest of your lives. It will be the faith that they have in the Lord and in each other that will tie these two people together for the rest of their lives.

The Reception

The reception shows more than their faith, it shows the closeness of their family. From the older generations to the children, love and happiness abound. It’s their faith in the Lord that ties this family together and their faith that will keep them close through the years to come. The joining of these two families is sure to make the world a better place with their love and their undying faith in the Lord.

The Video

When it came to Sally and Charles’s wedding, we wanted to focus on what makes them unique. We wanted to really bring their faith into the video¬† to show who they are and what they will be to each other in the years to come. To do so, we set the video to the music of two modern takes of classical hymns. and we made a great effort to extract some of the best moments of their prayers together and the prayers offered on their behalf by their family and friends.

Our Thanks

We would like to thank all of the people who made this perfect day possible. Krystal Kast from Krystal Kast Photography and Gina from A Southern Soiree kept the day running smoothly to ensure that every detail was elegant, fitting the beautiful and historical setting of the Rose Hill Plantation. When everything is said and done, it is the people behind the scenes who acted in creating such a wonderful day for the bride and groom. We would also like to thank the Men of Distinction band for their musical contributions to this day.

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