(Nearly) Everything you could want to know about working with us….

Q: Will we love our film and will it feel like us?
A: Absolutely, without a doubt.

Q: Will it match our style?
A: Yep!

Q: Will you capture all the special people and moments?
A: You bet

Q: What do we get?
A: Transportation back to your wedding day and all the joy and love of your day, any time you want.

Q: We’re awkward and we’re afraid we’ll look silly…help?
A: We won’t let that happen, promise.

Q: Music?
A: 141% matched to you and your unique personality and style.

Q: Cheesy?
A: Absolutely not. Unless you are, then we’ll cheese away.

Q: We’re different …
A: Cool, we like different.

Q: Will you know “us”?
A: Everything down to your shoe size by the time we’re done. Unless you don’t wear shoes, which would be weird. But we like weird too.

Q: Insured?
A: Mhmm.. In many many ways

Q: Backup plans?
A: Too many to count, bordering on neurosis.

Q: Audio?
A: Most important thing to us so, the absolute best.

Q: Drones?
A: We’re licensed. If legal/safe/appropriate/best tool for the job.

Q: I don’t like how in one film the couple did (or the music in one film)…
A: Your wedding, your way, always.

Q: Will you be in the way?
A: Nope. Ninja like. We leave the ninja stars at home though.

Q: Will you be in all of our pictures?
A: Invisibility is our superpower.

Q: Do you script things?
A: Nope. We like things au naturale (not naked, that’s a different thing. We mean natural).

Q: Will we ever watch it?
A: Average couple watches their film 51.2 times the first month – 0.2 because it’s an average :). And all are still watching it years later.

Q: Can we do something “different?”
A: Probably, just ask :).

Q: Big wedding/Small wedding? Cultural wedding? Same sex? Traditional wedding?
A: We’ve either done it or bring it on.

Q: Some other kind of wedding?
Bring it on.

Q: Been to our venue?
A: In the area? Probably. If not, let’s do it!

Q: How many weddings have you done?
A: We lost count around 106. That’s a lot of cake.

Q: Investment?
A: One of the smallest you’ll make for your wedding yet the one you’ll cherish the most for the rest of your life.

Q: What goes into each Oak City Film?
A: About 103 man hours, 37 cups of coffee give or take, average of about $26,329 worth of sweet gear, years of experience, a lot of love, 1800 or so calories burned, and umm…and a partridge and a pear tree :).

Q: Why get us for your wedding?
A: No regrets.